Lockout Art Studios

Your Space to Create - 24/7

Lockout Art Studios is your premier studio and creative space source across Southern California.

With locations in San Pedro and Santa Ana (and coming soon to San Diego and Riverside), Lockout offers creative space for a variety of needs from studio art and painting studios, performance rehearsal space, to installation planning. All rooms are sound-padded for privacy and available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day for all your creative endeavors.

Studio Locations

Convenient locations throughout Southern California means less time sitting on the freeway and more time creating.
  • Each unit has an individual air conditioning unit
  • Key coded entry to building
  • Many rooms with a window
  • Elevator at all floors
  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • Close to major freeways
  • Convenient parking and load in area
  • Affordable rates
  • Artists can share a room
  • Room sizes range from 60 sq. feet – 400 sq. feet
  • Free wi-fi
  • In house manager
  • Rooms acoustically sound
  • Plenty of wall outlets and power
  • Hourly room rental available on request
  • Studios for art & painting, band & DJ rehearsal, drum practice & lessons, or your choice
Lockout: Santa Ana

320 French Street – Santa Ana
Located in the recently renovated Historic Mussleman building, our original Santa Ana location is in the middle of all the Downtown Santa Ana nightlife action. Same block as Yost and Playground!

Lockout: San Pedro

1300 S. Beacon Street – San Pedro
Air conditioned studios with ocean views and a friendly, dedicated staff make getting creative a breeze. Secure, easy load in access, on-site monitoring, plenty of parking and wi-fi all around. Hourly rooms are available.

Lockout: Santa Ana 2

501 N. Main Street – Santa Ana
Our second location in Santa Ana is coming soon! It’s bigger and better than most sequels. Hourly rooms available.

Lockout: Riverside

10685 Magnolia Ave – Riverside
Make this space yours soon!

Lockout: San Diego

Coming Soon

Lockout: Santa Ana 3

420 N. Broadway – Santa Ana
A new Lockout Studio is coming to Santa Ana!

Lockout: Santa Ana 4

117 W. 4th Street – Santa Ana
Coming soon: Santa Ana 4 “The Big Rooms”
(all large studio at this facility)

A Few Studio Uses...

Lockout Studios is your space to create. All studios are padded for sound so you can be yourself and do what inspires you at any volume or get focused and keep the noise out. Studio use is up to you (but you can’t live here, ok). Here’s a few of the most common ways creative folks are using Lockout Studios now.


Paint ’til your clocks start melting

If you do some of your best work in the wee hours of the AM when the rest of the world is asleep, don’t worry about waking your roommates again — rent a Lockout Studio. We have various sizes available and some rooms feature windows (for those of you who work in the daylight as well).


Let me take your photo

Bring in your clients at whatever hour is good for them! You can build your own photography studio here for glamour shots, headshots, fashion and editorial shoots. (And there’s probably some bands and artists in the building who could use some good photos too.)


Show ‘em what you’re made of

Whether you’re looking to do a dress rehearsal, shoot a video or showcase your work for some important people, you can do with comfort and style in a showcase room. Configure your room for whatever type of setup you prefer.


Searching for the perfect beat

Work on your latest productions or some new ideas anytime of day or night. It’s your space — you have the key. Come in and work on your project when inspiration hits — or pull a marathon session for days on end.


Better than mom’s garage

If mom or the neighbors say you’re too loud, or you’re a professional group trying to polish up your songs before hitting the recording studio, Lockout Studios is your space. Once you’ve got the spot, get everybody together any time and don’t worry about anyone complaining.


If you could rent this space… that would be great

Even if you you don’t wear a tie or clock in at 8:00am you still need some space to get things done. Avoid the commuting rush — your neighbors are going to be way cooler here (and no one cares about your shorts or sneakers.)

Contact Us

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Santa Ana:
320 French Street, Santa Ana CA 92701

San Pedro:
1300 S Beacon St, San Pedro, CA 90731

3280 Vine St, Riverside CA 92507


General: 714-716-5002
Sales: 714-361-5220 (Text Preferred)


Abstract Artist

My name is Gillian Draft and I am an Abstract Artist.

Art to me is a way to express  without rules, boundaries, or limitations. In a society of supposed to be’s and should’s, it is a positive way to break those molds we have created and open up new ways of learning and thinking.

Although I started late in life, only a few years ago at the age of 34,  it has become a childlike passion that I cannot give up. Because of the benefits of pushing through fears and letting myself be me,  I have sacrificed time, money, jobs, and salaries… with no regrets.

It is incredibly fulfilling to finish a piece… to be able to take things from dumpsters and street corners, things that we consider trash, and make them into beautiful inspiring works of art. It is more fulfilling when I get to chat with people, and see their excitement or hear how they have been inspired by my paintings.

Originally, I started painting for myself, as a therapy of sorts, to work through the deep emotions from my past buried inside me and scars of my self defeat and bad decisions. I got to know myself and learned to accept and love ME.  As I progressed, I saw how much people were drawn to my art, I realized the impact I could have on the world around me,  and I began to paint to inspire others. I want people to delve deep,  to not give up on their passions,  and to break free from the should be life we have allowed to keep us numbed out, complacent and hopeless.

Art is an important way to not only love ourselves, but each other. It creates positive conversations, situations, and amazing energy within our everyday interactions with one another. We need that. Our children need that to create humility, self awareness and to stay grateful for this life that we have been given.