Frequently Asked Questions

A “lockout studio” is a space where musicians, artists and creators can simply make their art at all times of the day and evening. We provide our lockout studios by the month so you can store your gear here when not creating. Our studios are private, acoustically improved and located in a well-secured building. All studios include AC and WiFi. Some locations may allow for hard wired internet.

Complete the quick online form on the website and we will get back to you ASAP. We usually respond immediately or within an hour between normal business hours.

We allow musicians to rehearse up to 100db out of courtesy for neighboring musicians and artists. Most locations allow for 24/7 music rehearsal or production.

Studio use requires a monthly payment and one month’s deposit. We typically allow the deposit payment over two months if that helps. You will receive an online account to make payments through debit/credit card, Paypal, Venmo, CashApp and Zelle or through the cash payment services.

Yes! You will either receive keys to a studio or an electronic credential that allows access to your studio through your cell phone depending on facility location.

Onsite and offsite parking are available depending on facility.

Yes! It is common for multiple musicians and artists to collaborate in one studio space.

The studios are never 100% soundproof, but we do add additional sound isolation to the studios to reduce sound bleed. Some of our customers coordinate time for recording with the other customers in neighboring studios.

Yes! Many of our customers shift from a smaller studio into a larger studio or vice versa as needed. Deposits are transferrable from studio to studio.

Some studio locations offer windows, sky lights and sinks. Please ask if that is a (must have) for your creative use.