Lockout: Las Vegas III
Music Rehearsal Studio

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Lockout: Las Vegas III "Sahara"

Lockout Music Studios in Las Vegas is a 24/7 music rehearsal and creative office hub that provides our clients with an environment to work, create, perform and practice their music. It is fully equipped with the highest quality facilities to guarantee artists a professional and comfortable setting. The space comprises diversely sized rooms to ensure a pleasant, inviting atmosphere allowing all to collaborate and create new music effortlessly.

Las Vegas - Downtown South

Las Vegas has a lot to offer for creators, including a vibrant downtown, events, beautiful parks and more. Built on a foundation of original thinkers, Downtown Las Vegas is where unexpected people, unscripted places, and unconventional ideas collide. When you’re down for something different, our Vegas studios are the way to go.

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"Great workspace for any creative business owner. Very helpful and willing to work with you on making the space fit your needs."
Bryan E
"Lockout Studios from day one replied to all my messages with kindness and professionalism. The building was super clean."
Aaron N

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