Sacramento Welcomes Channel 24 Music Venue

Channel 24 in Sacramento

Sacramento’s music scene is poised for a vibrant shake-up with the upcoming opening of Channel 24, a new state-of-the-art venue by Another Planet Entertainment, set to open doors in early 2025. This exciting development promises not only to enrich the local cultural landscape but also to position Sacramento as a pivotal player in California’s music industry.

A Visionary Addition to Sacramento

Channel 24 is the first music venue designed and built from the ground up by Another Planet, North America’s largest independent concert promoter. The venue’s name, inspired by its location at the intersection of the Sacramento and American rivers and on 24th Street in the bustling midtown area, reflects its deep connection to the city’s vibrant heart.

This two-level theater and club is meticulously designed to cater to diverse music tastes and event formats. The main music room features a general admission floor and a reserved seat balcony, ensuring an intimate experience for every concert-goer. Attendees can enjoy convenient access to multiple bars and a central kitchen, enhancing their visit with top-tier amenities. Additionally, a VIP area and an upstairs open-air patio offer exclusive spaces for a more personalized experience.

Sacramento's newest venue

Community and Culture at Channel 24

The development of Channel 24 is more than an economic boost—it’s a cultural investment. By creating a space that encourages the sharing of music and art, Channel 24 is set to enhance Midtown’s already rich tapestry of cultural offerings. This new venue is poised to become a cornerstone of Sacramento’s entertainment scene, where locals and visitors alike can come together to experience the power of live music.

Channel 24 will also serve as a central hub for Another Planet Entertainment, housing several of the company’s operational offices. This integration signifies the venue’s critical role in Another Planet’s broader network, which includes iconic locations like the Greek Theatre in Berkeley and the Fox Theater in Oakland.

Anticipated Impact

The anticipation surrounding Channel 24 is palpable, with expectations that it will draw more visitors to Midtown, thereby benefiting local businesses and increasing the area’s appeal as a cultural destination. More than just economic benefits, the venue is expected to enrich the community’s cultural landscape, making Sacramento an even more attractive place for artists and musicians.

Allen Scott, president of concerts & festivals at Another Planet, shared with Billboard the decade-long journey to bring Channel 24 to life. The need for a new music venue in Sacramento was highlighted in a 2023 report by city officials, which noted a gap in the market for mid-tier live music performances. This venue aims to bridge that gap, offering a premier destination for artists and bands touring between the Bay Area and Nevada.

The establishment of Channel 24 is expected to draw more prominent acts to the region, boosting the local economy and providing fans with a richer array of live music options. It is set to become a cornerstone of Sacramento’s music community, fulfilling long-standing artist and fan demands for more high-quality venue options in the city.

As Channel 24 prepares to open its doors, it stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Sacramento’s cultural and artistic communities, promising to be a beacon of musical innovation and enjoyment.

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