Sacramento’s Best Live Venues

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Sacramento’s live music scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From historic venues to new clubs, let’s dive into the city!

Exploring Downtown Santa Ana

Santa Ana, DTSA at night.

Whether you’re seeking food, nightlife, or a glimpse into the creative pulse, Downtown Santa Ana is a destination waiting to be explored.

Artist Spotlight: Ian Flux

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Artist Spotlight: Join us as we delve into Ian’s creative processes and gain insight into the inspiration that fuels his art.

How To Correctly Rhyme Lyrics

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Every songwriter knows the struggle of finding the perfect rhyme. Let’s explore how to write lyrics using simple rhyme schemes.

Finding Your Vocal Range

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Understanding your vocal range is crucial for choosing the right songs, identifying your strengths, and improving your vocal technique. In this blog post, we’ll explore various methods to help you discover your vocal range and unlock your full singing potential.

Tips For New DJ’s 

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Are you considering a career as a DJ? Besides needing the obvious things like equipment and dj software, a place to practice, and a catchy name, there are several important things to consider. Our comprehensive guide provides essential tips for beginners that will help you look like an experienced producer.

Soundproofing For Your Rehearsal Space

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Are you looking to optimize your rehearsal studio for the ultimate sound experience? Discover the science of soundproofing and learn how it can revolutionize your practice sessions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore effective methods of soundproofing, enabling you to create a sonic haven in your rehearsal space.

Easiest Ways To Get Your Music Exposed

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While writing, performing, and touring are all difficult things for any band to accomplish, actually getting your music heard by as many people as possible can be a daunting task. If you or your band are struggling to get your voices out to a larger audience, try these ways to help your music get the exposure it needs to stand out in the crowd.

Ways Musicians Can Beat Writer’s Block

Find easy ways musicians can beat writer's block with our guide!

Writer’s block is a common struggle for musicians who are trying to create new music. However, there are several strategies that musicians can use to overcome writer’s block and get back to making music.