Lockout Music

About Us...

Lockout Music shines a spotlight on artists and musicians from yesterday and today who deserve to be heard and aims to build, document and support the local music scene and creative community.

For 20 years Lockout Music Studios has provided rehearsal studios and creative space for musicians and artists across Orange County and Southern California and has grown to be an integral part of the West Coast scene from the smallest act to national touring bands. We’ve learned that for every breakout star like No Doubt, Sublime or Blink 182 there are dozens of creative folks supporting them with their own projects, bands and albums whose work enriches the scene and should be heard.

Lockout Music was founded as a way to bring together our local music scene’s past and future and bring the tunes to new audiences in this global digital moment. With no shortage of brilliant, original art and music around us, we can’t help but be excited to share it all with music fans across the world. We’re here to find great music and the ears who need to hear it.

The Lockout Music team runs on an unrelenting passion for music and a never-ending thirst for new tunes. Driven by the belief that creativity enhances the human experience when shared, we use our experience in marketing, design, management and human connection to bring the music we love to music lovers everywhere.  We simply love music and are focused more on good bass-lines than on a good bottom line. Cheers… to new music!