Virginia Moon

Soul, R&B, Jazz, Electronic

Lana Del Ray, Amy Winehouse, Sia, Two Feet

Virginia Moon is a captivating singer-songwriter whose music weaves a rich tapestry of soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz. Her expressive vocals take audiences on a journey through the depths of emotion, leaving them spellbound at jazz clubs and intimate concerts across Los Angeles and Orange County.

Born in Armenia and transplanted to the musical melting pot of Los Angeles as a child, Moon's love for American music ignited a lifelong passion for singing and performing. Her unique style sets her apart, defying easy comparisons even as her talent has drawn parallels to iconic artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele.

Lockout Music is excited to re-release her album On the Verge. Check out her video for the sultry dub track "You’re Not For Me."

Virginia Moon On The Verge

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