Jesus Wore Dickies

Electronic, Rock, Reggae, Techno, Experimental

Postal Service, Gorillaz, Beck, Bjork

Jesus Wore Dickies was one of the seminal groups to come out of Long Beach along with their friends Sublime. Jesus Wore Dickies started releasing music in the mid 90s well into the 2000s. Jesus Wore Dickies music was influenced by Terminal Island in San Pedro. A dystopian like city where oil rigs and refineries replace trees and nature. The story goes they hid a treasure in Terminal Island and the clues to find it are in the music. Jesus Wore Dickies were incredible songwriters and ahead of their time!

Lockout Music is excited to re-release their epic self-titled EP. Check out their video for Secret of “B” filmed at Terminal Island.

Jesus Wore Dickies EP

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